Memo from AA General Service Office responding to Health & Safety *Please Read* Memo

Online meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous HERE

Additional comprehensive meeting suspension list for the valley can be found at SRI (Salt River Intergroup) site HERE

For those Alcoholics who wish to continue financial support of the Agua Fria Intergroup during the shut down of so many meetings, please click  HERE

AFI online meetings can be found HERE

Suspended meetings
(Note: updates posted here are provided by the individual group notice submitted to the AFI office only)
•  New Beginnings (The Way Fellowship) Monday @ 7PM

•  Surprise Woman's Group on Satuday's @ 8:30AM

•  Serenity Big Book (Lutheran Church, Peoria) meeting on Friday @ 11:00AM

  Monday thru Saturday 6:30 AM Altering Attitudes will meet at the Ramada in Dos Lagos Park (the corner of Utopia and 63rd Avenue) adjacent to St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church where we normally meet.  We ask that members bring a folding chair and a spirit of unity while practicing social distancing and not isolation unless you are ill.  

•  Right Place Group (St John Episcopal Church) Tue @ 7:00PM

•  Over 50 (St James Cath Church) on Tue @ 11:00AM

•  Tuesday Night Hope (St John Episcopal) Tue @ 7:00PM

•  We're OK (St James Catholic Church) Sun @ 6:00PM

•  District 8 Meeting @ Gloria Dei

•  Variety Group on Thu @ 7:00PM

•  Winners Circle on Wed @ 6:00PM in Sun City

•  Our Common Journey  on thu @ 6:00PM on Lake Pleasant Pkwy & 91st

•  Rule 62 @ 6:30 in Peoria

• Lake Pleasant Men's Group in Peoria

•  Tuesday Night Hope @ 7:00PM on Union Hills

•  SRI 77th Anniversary of AA in the Valley is canceled

• Jaywalkers at St Thomas and Moore on Fri @ 7:30

• Verde Valley Round is rescheduled to 10/31-11/1

•  AFI Family Campout is canceled

• The Promises at Mission Bell Church on Fri @ 7:00pm

• AFI business meeting is canceled for 4/7

•  Thank God We're Sober at Salvation Army on Fri @ 5:30

•  Sisters at Home in Sobriety on Thu @ 6:00PM

•  AFI Business Meeting for April 7th

•  Maryvale Group at St. Andrews Episc Ch on Mon @ 7:00PM

•  Mustard Seed at St Andrews Episc Ch on Sun @ 7:00PM

•  Black Canyon Cinty Group on Wed @ 5:30PM & Sat @ 9:30AM is relocated to High Desert Park
    at the end of Jacie Bridge (bring chair, no bathrooms). Great hiking.

•  Living Sober at LP Lighthouse Ch on Mon @ 10:00AM

•  West Valley Fellowship at 929 N Dysart in Avondale  (OPEN)

•  Nu Hope Alano Club 12313 NW Grand, El Mirage (OPEN)

•  Catctus Capers at Mission Bell Church on Sun @ 7:00PM

•  Shikkers BB Study at church of the Beatitudes on Thu @ 7:30PM

•  Celebrate Homecoming at Celebration Luth Church on Mon @ 5:30

•  Celebrate BB at Celebration Luth Church on Thu @ 6:00PM

•  Happy Valley Group Wed @ 7:00PM closed - See online meetings

•  Altering Attitudes at St Thomas Moore Church M-Sat @ 6:30 closed - See online meetings

•  All Mission Bell Church meetings are suspended

•  Maryvale Group on Monday @7:00PM - See online meetings

•  Welcome Home Group on Mon @ 5:30 - See online meetings

•  84 to 88 Group in Wittman on Sun @ 7:00PM

•  Sobriety R Us in Wittman on Thu @ 7:00PM

•  Pathway Group Speaker Meeting on Sun @ 11:00AM - See online meetings

•  Sisters at Home in Sobriety on Tue @ 6:00PM - See online meetings

• YaYa Bells on Mon @ 6:00PM

• Thursday Night BB Study on Thu @ 7:00PM - See online meetings

•  Smokebusters Group on Mon-Sat @ 12:15PM - See online meetings

•  Glendale Appreciation on Wed @ 7:30PM - See online meetings