AFI groups are encouraged to contribute group history and photos (release required). This is a work in progress.

Want to Quit Drinking?

You have made a decision. You've taken Step One and said to yourself, "Yes, I'm one of those people who is powerless over alcohol. My life has become unmanageable. I can't stop drinking and I want help." FIND YOUR NEXT STEP"!

Call before you drink 24 HOUR HOTLINE: 623-937-7770

2021 Calendar

Potlucks - Keep checking back (Tonopah opened)

Birthday Club

2021 Agua Fria Day in the Park - Virtual Event

Virtual Chair Position

This meeting needs 20+ year speakers
Old Timers @ Crossroads West
Sat @ 8:00PM


AFI Monthly Business Meeting

Via Zoom Tue, Nov 2nd, 2021 at 7:00pm

Per the vote in last month's Business Meeting, the Agua Fria Intergroup will hold it's Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 Business Meeting by way of ZOOM Video Conference.

Michael E will be the Administrator and Host of the meeting.

Diana W will chair the meeting.

Documents for the meeting will be sent via another email and a link included in the registration process. Registration will begin at 6PM on Tuesday Nov 2nd. Upon completing the online registration, you will be given a link to the zoom meeting and/or a meeting ID and password.

Instructions and the link to registration will come in a separate email prior to the 6PM Nov 2nd registration period. Please be registered by 6:59PM. The Meeting room will be open by 6:30PM.

The Agua Fria Intergroup

The Agua Fria Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is a committee formed by AA groups in this area, coming together in the spirit of fellowship to create a partnership among AA groups in the community. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers and is directly responsible to the AA groups that they represent. AFI assists in carrying the message by distributing AA literature, sponsoring AA oriented social events, maintaining a hotline phone number, providing meeting lists and maintaining a website.